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Youth Humanitarian Awards scholarship is a unique scholarship program that recognizes young people who are making a difference in their communities. We believe in the power of young people and want to support and encourage them to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact in the world.

Our mission is to provide financial assistance to deserving students who are committed to making a positive change. We offer a range of awards specifically tailored for those who demonstrate social action, leadership, Film, STEM, initiative and more. 


The deadline for applications will be announced!

1.  Review criteria for the scholarship of interest.  Candidates may only apply to one scholarship.

2. Complete the attached application at link provided.

Scholarships:  Criteria and Application

Chase Dillon Stanford Scholarship Criteria 
(Apply here)

Herzing Scholarship Criteria
(Apply here)

Morris Brown Scholarship Criteria
(Apply here)


Category  Scholarships:

(Apply here)

  • Outstanding Leadership (OL)

  • Outstanding Community Contributions (OCC)

  • Outstanding Athlete (OA)

  • Outstanding Entrepreneur (OE)

  • Outstanding Service for Mental Health of Youth (OSM) – Mental Health

  • Pharmacy Studies

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