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Workshops For Saturday, Sept 15th:       


1. 8:00 am CH Parent Workshop: What Every Parent Should Know About the Industry    

         Facilitator: Dr. Metashar Dillon       


2. 8:30 am CH:  All Things Entertainment       

         -What’s New In The World Of Intellectual Property       

         -Battle With The Emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence)     

         Facilitator: International Attorney Michelle Miller


3. 8:30 am: Industry 101

         - What Parents Need To Look For In Finding A Good Agent  

         - The Difference Between an Agent and a Manager       

         Facilitator: David Doan - #1 Voted Child Agent 10 years straight, CESD


4. 9:30 am MS: ”Effective Management In Entertainment    

         - The Responsibility of Managing Actors/Actresses        

         - Growing Your Client Base As A Manager      

         Facilitator: Kimberly Jago        


5. 10:00 am CH: The Importance of Prevention For At Risk Youth In The Community     

         Facilitator: Judge Amber Givens     


6. 11:00 am CH:  Interactive Workshop: Voiceovers For Young Stars     

         Facilitator: Monique Shi 


7. 10:30 CP: Interactive Acting Workshop      

         Facilitator: Javon Johnson       


8. 10:00 am MS:  Social Media: Building Your Brand      

         Facilitator: Kay Paige       


9. 11:30 MS: Interactive Demo: Writing Music As Therapy   

         - How To Write, Read and Copyright Music   

         Facilitator: Mitzi Cantor 


10. 2:00 pm MS:  Meeting the Cast Directors – Glen Hughes (Mr.G) - LSMS        


11. 2:30 pm MS:  Georgia Film Academy        

         -How To Become a Part of the Georgia Film Academy  

         Facilitator: Scott Votaw  


12. 11 am MS:  Learning To Launch Your Own Blockbuster Cartoon     

         Facilitator: Joe Young      


13. 3:30 pm MS:  How To Package Your Film 

         Facilitator: Dr. Jessie Jalee Blake     


14.  A Talk With Chase    

         -A Present Time For Youth      

         Facilitators: Chase W. Dillon, Retired NFL Players  


15. 2:30 pm CP: Teach A Child To Fish    

         Facilitator - Kendall Newsome, Retired NFL Player


16. 2:00 pm CP: Fencing 101  

         Interactive Fencing Demonstration

         Facilitator: Kamar Skeete        


17. 10:30 am MS:  Smart Jocks       

         Sports Entertainment – NIL and Finding Your Niche in a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry        

         Facilitator: William Jeffress     


18. 2:30 pm CH: The Importance of Voting    

         Facilitator: Kayden Skeete       


19. 11:30 CH: Blacks In Technology         

         Facilitators: Meloni Boatswain & Bryan Willis, Sr. 


20. 10:30 am CH Financial Literacy:        

         Finance Component Is Key To Your Business Plan 

         Facilitator: Marquis Forge       


21. 11 am CH: FBI Public Affairs Specialist     

         - What You Need To Know About Law Enforcement and Community Engagement    

         Facilitator: Charles Grady        


22. 3:00 pm:   MS: Independent Filmmaking & Music  


- Marching to the Beat of your Own Drum – Literally and Figuratively

         Facilitator: - Daniel Pakulski (MS)   

Youth Humanitarian Awards is a special event that celebrates the achievements of young people who are making a positive impact in their communities and around the world. We have a deep respect for the hard work and dedication of these young individuals and are committed to recognizing their efforts.


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